Food Pantry Assistance

We live in a community in need.  Throughout the months we have people who come to Hazelwood Baptist Church in need of food and baby items.  We want to be able to help those who are truly in need.  Our shelves need to be stocked with non perishable foods, baby formula, baby diapers and more.  Please consider donating these items to the church.  If you wish to donate money, please send a check to 4201 Taylor Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40215. Make sure to put Food Pantry in the memo line.  If you would like to donate food items, please contact Micah Tufts. 

How You Can Help

Many times when people from the community come to us for help, we have to turn them away because our pantry is bare.  Please consider donating either monitarily or with food.  

Donation with check

Please make check payable to Hazelwood Baptist Church, put food pantry in the memo line and mail to 4201 Taylor Boulevard, Louisville, KY 2015

Donation with food

Please contact Micah Tufts.